"The Americas all in a single call"


Red Creek services begin by scouting and finding the best possible location for your production, anywhere in the Americas. "The Americas all in a single call" means that a client only needs to make one call to get multiple budgets. With only one call information is handled efficiently without being 'dropped' in multiple repeated conversations. The client receives budgets in an identical format that can be rapidly compared side-by-side, and evaluated in context with the available locations and local casting resources. In a country as large as Argentina or Brazil, there may be two or three different approaches even within the same country. You may be looking for hops in March, snow in July, a European looking city by the beach or cheap crowds; we can locate it and help you win the job. The Red Creek team has shot in over 20 countries in the hemisphere and has already made most mistakes so you don't have to. Bid all of the Americas in a single call.

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