Film & Photo Production Services in Argentina


Argentina is blessed with stunning locations and diverse architecture, making it a leading international production destination. It’s capital city, Buenos Aires, is one Variety’s top five locations in the world, and is also renowned for its bars, cafes, restaurants, sports venues, museums, theaters, and nightlife.

Red Creek offices are in Palermo Hollywood, a neighborhood we pioneered some 20 years ago, that owes its nickname to the large concentration of film & TV production companies in the area.

In Argentina, Red Creek has produced local and international movies and TV shows, as well hundreds of TV spots and print campaigns. We are one the best known, most experienced, and most admired production companies in the country.


Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world, with almost two million square miles and an altitude that ranges from three hundred feet below the sea level to twenty-two thousand feet above it.

Argentina’s cities, villages, coastline, beaches, rivers, plains, hills, mountains, glaciers and salt flats -as well as farmlands, vineyards & ski resorts-, the dramatic nature of its National Parks, the Patagonian expanses, the Canyons, the tropical and lush northeast, the grand Iguazu Falls are all spectacular elements of diverse geography.

Known as a cost-effective double for Paris and New York, Buenos Aires is one of the most versatile cities in the planet to shoot. The range of looks goes from American suburbia to European downtown, from glass skylines to shantytowns.

Film permits are quick, simple to secure, and very accessible.


Argentina offers exceptionally varied terrain and weather conditions. In the North, it goes from the subtropical near Brazil to the high plains desert near Bolivia. The South lays the vast and alluring Patagonia with its cold and snowy winters and mild summers.

The weather in Buenos Aires is not unlike the Mediterranean. Spring and summers stretch for months at a time, offering long daylight hours. And this all happens counter season, while it snows in New York and London. Argentina’s seasons are the exact opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, making it a perfect location for summer shoots from September to May and winter ones from June to August.

Crew and Equipment

Argentina has a centennial film industry, which has resulted in one of the most numerous and experienced crew teams in Latin America. Most of which are bilingual (English); many of which speak other languages such as Portuguese, French or Italian. The country is also well supplied by equipment rental houses. Most of which are in Buenos Aires, something to keep in mind when filming outside the capital region. This metropolitan area is also home to multiple studios.

Casting and Talent

Buenos Aires has long considered the theater capital of Latina America. This combined with its dynamic advertising, film and TV industries and the fact that a large number of immigration waves, first European, then Asian, and most recently from Latin American countries and even Africa has resulted in deep, talented and multicultural actors pool.