ILM & Photo Production services in Argentina

Red Creek Offers Film, Commercial and Photo Production Services in Argentina. Red Creek provides locations, casting, logistics, equipment and peace of mind to some of the most creative and rigorous production companies, agencies and clients from around the world. Our efficient bidding process empowers bidders, producers and art buyers to quickly and conveniently compare location alternatives and costs. Red Creek runs one of the most complete Argentina locations database, which along with our team of producers allow for the fastest turnaround times for bids and location references. Together we will find and execute the most cost-effective, convenient and creatively successful plan for your project.

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Argentina lays a subcontinent of opportunities: twelve hundred square miles of coastline, cities, plains, hills, mountains, the ever-snowed top of the Andes, the breathtaking Patagonian expanses, the Canyons and Flats of the Northwest –where John Ford would find himself at home–, the tropical and lush northeast, the grand Iguazú Falls plummeting at astounding rates for miles on end and many feet high. You will most definitely find the location you are looking for.

Buenos Aires, one of the Top Five Locations in the World according to Variety magazine is one of the most versatile cities to shoot in. The range of looks goes from American suburbia to European downtown, from glass skylines to shanty towns. Argentina has a centennial film and advertising tradition which has evolved into a deep and varied talent pool. All happening counter-season.

Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world with almost two million square miles and an altitude that ranges from three hundred feet below the ocean level to twenty-two thousand feet above it. This means extremely varied terrain and weather conditions. In the North, it goes from the subtropical near Brazil, to the high plained dessert near Peru and Bolivia. In the South lays the vast and alluring Patagonia, worth every mile of travel.

The weather in Buenos Aires is not unlike in Mediterranean Europe. Summers are long, with extremely long days. And this happens while it snows in New York and London. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina’s seasons are the exact opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, making it a perfect location for counter-season shoots, whether it be a Summer campaign or a Winter catalogue.

Check current local weather or see the sunpath for Buenos Aires.

Casting and Talent
Due to a number of immigration waves over the years, Argentina is a diversely populated country, and though the majority of argentines descend from Spaniards and Italians, there are sizeable Jewish, German, Chinese, Corean and other communities. Immigration from other Latin American countries and from Africa – which has increased significantly in recent years– complete this multicultural casting director’s wet dream.

Crew and Equipment
Red Creek is one of the two best production services companies in Argentina and Latin America, providing logistics, locations, crews, talent, styling, FX, and everything else from wall plug adapters to helicopters and trains.

Our production teams and crews are the best in the land. They will look you square in the eye and get the job done.

Travel Info
Getting to Buenos Aires is easy from virtually any place in the world.
All international flights, excepting those from neighbor countries, land at Ministro Pistarini International Airport, twenty miles away from the City of Buenos Aires. This airport is one of the biggest ones in the region, handling around nine million passengers a year. Domestic flights depart from a smaller airport called Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, which is located just a mile away from the city’s most characteristic landmarks. Flights arrive daily from almost every mayor city in the United States and Europe.

Check airline fares or find the seatmap of your flight.

Time Zone
The standard time zone in Argentine territory is GTM -03.

Whether it is a luxury hotel or a furnished apartment, we will find the best accommodations for your needs and budget. Red Creek has pre-negotiated corporate rates with many hotels of varied cost.

Argentina has a very modern telecommunications system, with several companies providing internet and cell services throughout the entire territory.

Our offices, most restaurants and all hotels are equipped with high-speed internet connection.

You should check with your local provider to learn if your cell phone will work in Argentina. If it doesn’t, rental phones are very affordable and easy to get.