Red Creek is a producers’ company. We are filmmakers by training, trade and choice. We deliver the goods, know the rules of the land and shoot straight.

Some of the most demanding and rewarding, crazy-creative minds in the world helped shape the Red Creek way of doing production services.

Red Creek has steered productions of all sizes in over 20 countries around the Americas, we have a presence in 6 major cities covering North, Central and South America. We guarantee the same standardized, thoroughly refined production services in every destination. We bridge the gap between your way and the local way.

By being present in so many different and complementary countries we are in a unique position to compare alternatives and provide advice as to the best solution for your shoot. We will find the right location anywhere in the hemisphere.

Our production services experience ranges from the very very big to the oddly small. The right team and process for each project, whether it is a commercial, a reality TV episode, a feature film or a gung-ho viral. We believe that being exposed to different kinds of productions makes us better producers.

Red Creek regularly provides comparative bids of multiple locations. We will help you gauge the options using a single bid format, the same assumptions, the same bidder. You needn't make several calls just to find out where to shoot off season crops. One phone call, many countries, the same quality service.

Simply put, we get it, we can help, we'll always tell it like it is.

Here are a few recent production services from around the place.

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