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The famous lighthouse in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, South america. Atlantic coastline, La Paloma, Uruguay Panoramic view of Piriapolis bay in the River Plate. Uruguay, South America. an old lighthouse by the danish coast The Calle de los Suspiros (Sighs street) hundreds of years ago was the path which took the condemneds to death to die by drowning with the high tides. Panoramic view of Piriapolis bay in the River Plate. Uruguay, South America. Bullring, Colony, Uruguay Idyllic landscape of Batovi Hill, Tacuarembo in north-central Uruguay Group of people and families enjoying a sunny summer day at the beach in the ciyt of Maldonado, Uruguay in South America Winter day urban scene view of two traditional buildings in the city of Montevideo, the state law school and the christian scientist church. Old colonial house in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay San Francisco Fisherman's place near the town of Piriapolis in the Uruguay Coast Sand dunes in the hippy village of Cabo Polonio in Uruguay. Montevideo, Uruguay - December 15, 2012: Plaza indepedencia with the statue of Jose Artigas in Montevideo, Uruguay. People can be seen in the image. Punta del Diablo beach on Uruguays east coast Single Tree and green grass. Cloudy sky background. Argentine hotel, Uruguay Beautiful golden sunrise seascape with soccer arcs and a running couple in the background. Montevideo, Uruguay The Palacio Salvo in Montevideo, Uruguay.
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